Invest in the Future of Emerging Markets

Our 30 years of experience and expertise is now available in actively managed exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Active ETFs Designed for Outperformance

We offer differentiated portfolios of companies not typically found in benchmark indexes. Our ETFs are designed to use individually or combine to target a specific outcome. Download toolkit.


Matthews Emerging Markets ex China Active ETF

Access the growth potential of emerging markets-beyond China.


Matthews China Active ETF

Access the potential of Asia’s largest economy.


Matthews Emerging Markets Equity Active ETF

Participate in some the world’s most dynamic economies, in a single ticker.


Matthews Asia Innovators Active ETF

More than technology, innovation from a range of industries.

Experience You Can Depend On

At Matthews Asia, we’ve invested in emerging markets and Asia for more than 30 years. We’ve gained experience through all market cycles and can look beyond today’s headlines and market noise to identify long-term investment opportunities. Put our decades of experience to work in your portfolio.

Expertise That Counts

Our investment team has the regional expertise needed to uncover companies with the potential to deliver long-term growth. We incorporate our accumulated knowledge, insights and perspectives into every portfolio we offer.