Matthews Introduces Its First Active ETF to Tap Into the World’s Most Innovative Economy

Matthews introduced the Matthews Korea Active ETF (MKOR) on the New York Stock Exchange today, adding to the firm’s Active ETF offerings that give investors the “power of choice.”

San Francisco, July 17, 2023 — Matthews introduced the Matthews Korea Active ETF (MKOR) on the New York Stock Exchange today, adding to the firm’s Active ETF offerings that give investors the “power of choice.”

The Matthews Korea Active ETF provides investors with actively managed exposure to one of the world’s most innovative economies. As a recognized leader in the semiconductor industry, South Korea is also home to a broad range of innovative businesses that encompass diverse sectors including new energy vehicles, information technology, biopharmaceuticals, e-commerce and entertainment. In addition to global leaders, South Korea offers many domestic companies that are transforming into global brands. Its economy benefits from strong export ties to other global growth markets as well as a large, growing domestic consumer base.

Matthews’ long legacy of leadership in Korean investments goes back 30 years. MKOR will be managed by Lead Managers Michael Oh, CFA, and Elli Lee, and Co-Manager Sojung Park, a proven team with decades of experience investing in South Korea.

Cooper Abbott, CEO of Matthews commented: “Our research-driven Korea equity team is dedicated to delivering results for investors. Active, single country strategies such as MKOR provide investors with the “power of choice” to selectively express their investment views—both strategically and tactically—and gain differentiated exposures to companies not typically found in broad International strategies or the U.S. Given the range of investment opportunities we find in South Korea, it should be considered alongside other more established single country strategies such as Japan, India, the U.S. and China.”

Elli Lee, Lead Manager of MKOR commented: “With strong ties to the U.S., South Korea’s open economy provides a deep investment universe for both established and truly innovative companies. It is one of the few countries in the world that has many unique businesses that cannot be easily replaced and are being managed by highly driven, entrepreneurial owners who aspire to create global brands. As an investor in South Korea, I can see that its investment in research and development (R&D), strong work ethic and a highly educated workforce is creating a virtuous cycle of innovative advancements that now positions it as one the most exciting countries to invest in.”

The Matthews Korea Active ETF seeks to achieve an attractive total return from a concentrated all-cap portfolio diversified across a broad range of sectors. The team employs a deep fundamental, research-driven approach to invest in 30-plus businesses that typically exhibit high growth and have strong moats. With a high active share, the ETF will contain companies often not found in Korea indices.

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