Matthews Asia Renames Fund to Matthews Asia Innovators Fund

Matthews Asia has announced the renaming of the Matthews Asia Science and Technology Fund to the Matthews Asia Innovators Fund. 

Name change reflects the Fund’s broader focus on Asia’s growing, more innovative economy

San Francisco, CA, May 3, 2016—Matthews Asia has announced the renaming of the Matthews Asia Science and Technology Fund (Investor Class: MATFX; Institutional Class: MITEX) to the Matthews Asia Innovators Fund.

Managed by Michael J. Oh, CFA, the Matthews Asia Innovators Fund seeks to generate long-term capital appreciation by investing in companies that the investment team believes are innovators in terms of their products, services, processes, business models, management, use of technology or approach to creating, expanding or servicing their markets.

Matthews Asia believes that as Asia’s economy has grown, many sectors such as manufacturing and technology have moved up the value chain in order to improve productivity and enhance their products and service offerings. In addition, Asia is moving beyond its reputation as a region of copycat production, with companies now focused on building market-leading positions through developments that disrupt existing business models.

Underlying these important developments in the region’s economy has been a strong focus on fostering technology, encouraging entrepreneurship and increasing emphasis on creativity. The Fund seeks to identify companies that Matthews Asia believes demonstrate innovation in their businesses and that, over the long term, can generate opportunities for attractive returns for investors.

Michael J. Oh, CFA, Lead Manager: “We believe Asia represents a significant opportunity for investors seeking innovative companies that offer the potential for long-term capital appreciation. The region’s economy is now home to many leading companies within the Internet, e-commerce, software, health care and consumer discretionary sectors. Innovation has been a key driver of success for many of these companies. Since its inception in 1999, the Fund has focused on identifying and investing in businesses such as these, and a broader investment strategy better reflects Asia’s growing, more innovative economy.”

Robert Horrocks, PhD, Chief Investment Officer: “Investing in innovative companies has been central to our investment process for over 20 years. As we celebrate the firm’s 25th anniversary this year, the renaming of the Fund to the Matthews Asia Innovators Fund highlights just how far the region’s economy has progressed during this time. Far from being an economy dominated by export-led companies, we are now seeing innovative companies occupying market-leading positions in sectors as diverse as education, e-commerce and health care. Key to their success has been the ability to deliver products and services that are more closely aligned to the region’s consumers, and I believe over the long term, it is these types of businesses that will make a much greater contribution to the region’s economy.”

About Matthews Asia

At Matthews Asia, we believe in the long-term growth of Asia. Since 1991, we have focused our efforts and expertise within the region, investing through a variety of market environments. As an independent, privately owned firm, Matthews Asia is the largest dedicated Asia-only investment specialist in the United States. With US$25.8 billion in assets under management as of March 31, 2016, Matthews Asia employs a bottom-up, fundamental investment philosophy, with a focus on long-term investment performance. For more information please visit

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As a Fund that invests in science and technology companies, the Fund is subject to risks associated with these sectors such as worldwide developments and global demand cycles.